Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults

Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults – Is there a link between Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Addiction?

If you are aware that you have one of these conditions, you might discover that something deeper is happening inside you. Find out now, take advantage of our range of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Books, ADD books and much more!

The author, through his own experience as well as training opportunities, has come to the conclusion that there is a strong link between these conditions. Usually, they are diagnosed and treated as if they were unrelated ailments. Nevertheless, the Archives of General Psychiatry has published studies showing a link between ADD and addiction without clarifying. Through his range of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Books and ADD books, the author hopes to help people overcome Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults.

The author shares examples from his own personal experience and that of his son as they struggled with ADD through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Books and ADD books. He also shares situations in which he was able to help others to break the “stuck points” in their lives.

This is not an exhaustive textbook about ADD. It is true that much of the author’s insight and perspective is drawn from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). But he is not just teaching facts, statistics, research studies, or such like. He is sharing what he has lived. He has recorded his observations (internal and external) for us to see as illustrations of the journey he has taken in self-discovery, increased awareness, and improved mental and physical health.

Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults is not something you need to hide, it’s something you need take charge of. What do you have to lose? Nothing, so grab the book and let’s get started.

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