Attention Deficit Disorders in Adults Workbook

The Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults Workbook is the perfect accompanying piece for the Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults Book.

Author Bob Bray has walked an exhausting pathway, dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in his own life. Obviously, PTSD has been around for a long while. It has existed under names such as battle fatigue, shell shock, or the soldier’s disease. Today, that notion has expanded beyond the battlefields where weapons are used to destroy enemies. Now it refers to the emotional trauma experienced when people are exposed to horrific situations beyond their ability to understand or explain to themselves. It comes with hurricanes, forest fires, floods, and terrorist attacks like the Boston bombing. This book is unique in that it describes more than the outward observations of physicians and researchers. It is a view from the inside of someone who has been overwhelmed, survived, and now has begun to thrive after PTSD. The author is a compelling writer pouring out the inner struggles and outward consequences that come from those who have lived through the horrors of warfare. To them, all too frequently, they come home but the battle isn’t over.

It will help you absorb and take everything that you have learned so far. Using tried and tested methods we use the lessons that we learned in our past to help us push forward and take control of our lives. Take the chance that has been placed in front of you today and embrace the opportunity that has been presented. If you are tired of living with Attention Deficit Disorder, then it is time to take a chance and choose a new direction.

Take back your life and your freedom with the Attention Deficit Disorders in Adults Workbook.