My Life with PTSD and ADHD

Welcome to My Life with PTSD and ADHD! Through all of my books I have a common theme, dealing with ADHD and dealing with ADHD in adults. Dealing with ADHD isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible either.

Many people are faced with the challenges of dealing with ADHD, but it is how you face ADHD in adults that determines what happens to you. Don’t let ADHD affect the way that you live your life.

Many have entered and left, yet I’m still here! Living, working and existing with PTSD and ADHD is no picnic, not for me or the people in my life. But, I’m still here, and so are many people in my life. I have written several books about PTSD and ADHD. In my careers in both the military and police force, I have experienced a wide variety of different things, but I’m still here. Later in my life, I changed courses, choosing to focus on using my experience with PTSD and ADHD to help other facing similar situations as myself.

This book is my attempt at looking back at my life and injecting it with a little bit of humor and color. PTSD and ADHD aren’t a picnic, but being able to look back and smile helps me continue to grow and build. Dealing with ADHD and ADHD in adults doesn’t have to be something that controls your life any longer!

I hope you enjoy the cartoons and illustrations inside this book as much as I did putting the entire thing together. PTSD and ADHD, along with other mental health conditions are never easy, but the key is looking forwards, smiling and laughing.

I hope you enjoy My Life with PTSD and ADHD!?